[Can you drink glutinous rice wine when pregnant]_ pregnant women eat _ benefits

[Can you drink glutinous rice wine when pregnant]_ pregnant women eat _ benefits

Glutinous rice liqueur is a kind of alcohol with a very low alcohol content.

Glutinous rice wine is made from glutinous rice as raw material.

It is a very popular wine in folk.

Glutinous rice wine has great benefits to the human body and has a strong physical fitness function. Therefore, many people will make glutinous rice wine by themselves at home to drink.

Can I drink glutinous rice wine when pregnant?

You can eat sticky rice, but don’t drink sticky rice wine.

Glutinous rice liqueur is also wine and also contains alcohol.

And pregnant women with too much alcohol, about 30-40% of the population will be deformed or defective to varying degrees.

Common head deformities, mental retardation, congenital malformations of the heart or limbs, etc.

This is because alcohol reaches the placenta with the blood circulation of the pregnant woman.

The placenta does not absorb alcohol, and the alcohol will enter the fetus through the placenta.

In hypertension, alcohol can affect the process of cell division and the development of the affected brain or other organs, leading to various deformities.

For the mother, the functional burden of the liver and kidneys during pregnancy increases, while alcohol is mainly degraded by the liver in the body and replaced by the kidneys.

Therefore, alcohol intake during pregnancy can increase the burden on the liver and kidneys. Furthermore, alcohol is harmful to the nervous and cardiovascular system of pregnant women.

Therefore, glutinous rice wine also contains alcohol, although the content is small, it can cause damage to pregnant women and fetuses.

For pregnant women’s health, pregnant women must use alcoholic beverages and food with caution during pregnancy.

However, during postpartum confinement, the new mother can drink a moderate amount of glutinous rice wine after the birth under the guidance of a doctor, to strengthen her physique.

However, not everyone is suitable to drink glutinous rice wine for postpartum tonic. If you don’t know what to do and how to use it as a tonic, mothers are advised not to try it blindly.