[What to do if 2 year old baby doesn’t like to eat]

[What to do if 2 year old baby doesn’t like to eat]

I believe that many parents have faced the problem that children do not like to eat. This is a headache. In the face of children who do not like to eat, parents should not worry, not to force them. They must pay attention to scientific methods, and children will definitely fall in love with eating.

1. No matter how old the baby is, it is necessary to develop a good alternative habit. Even if it is a baby, then the time of breastfeeding is their rest time. No matter whether it is breastfeeding or eating, the baby must pay attention when staying.While watching TV while eating, you ca n’t tease your baby with toys while they are eating, let alone the baby eat and play while holding the toy. The most important point is that parents should not criticize and educate the baby while the baby is eating.The tumble has completely lost the mood of eating. In order to let the baby eat well, in addition to the delicious food, the mood is also very important.

2. If you want your baby to eat well, it is very important to add the supplementary food to the baby. The successful completion of the supplementary food is to lay a good foundation for the future. The baby can eat well in the future. For children who are picky and have poor chewing ability, it is the most important.At the beginning of supplementary food supplementation, parents do not have a good grasp of the scale, so in the future, they must try their best to overcome regrets.

3. Develop a good habit of eating regularly. The reason why some babies do not like to eat or do not eat well when it is time to rest is because they are really not hungry and have no stomach to eat, because the snacks and fruits given by parents between meals.There are too many small foods, and the baby ‘s stomach volume is actually very small. Instead of eating as much as the parents think, the more the child grows, the irregular eating will cause the baby to accumulate food, which will cause many diseases, including abdominal pain., Bloating, loss of appetite, colds may be caused by accumulation of food, babies are easy to get sick if they have fire, so do n’t force your baby to eat when they do n’t want to eat, it ‘s not really related to a hungry meal.If you want to be safe, three points of obesity and cold, this is also the truth of our childcare.

4, parents want to let the baby eat more, can change the shape and color of food, or change the way of eating, for example, the baby does not like to eat dried tofu, then parents can wrap rice in dried tofu, it is actually very simple,Just use a chopstick to pinch it. Then the parents tell the baby that the rice is hidden in the dried tofu and hide and seek with the baby. In this way, the child finds pleasure in eating and is naturally willing to eat.

The above is the treatment and solution of the problem that the baby does not like to eat. I don’t know if the new mothers have any feelings. I hope that your baby can grow up healthy and healthy.