[Eating penis physically affects]_ oral sex _ sex life

[Eating penis physically affects]_ oral sex _ sex life

The degree of harmonious sex life between husband and wife determines the relationship between husband and wife to a certain extent.

Some people think that oral sex is a very vicious and abnormal sex.

In fact, if both husband and wife accept it, this method is fine.

Of course, because men’s penis may be cleaner than the oral cavity, care should be taken when performing this type of behavior.

Usually refers to sexual stimulation in the mouth, tongue, teeth or throat touching the sexual partner’s genitals.

It is common in same-sex and heterosexual relationships. Sexual stimuli (such as kisses or tongue kisses) that use the mouth as other parts of the body are usually not considered oral sex.

What should we do about oral sex now?

The opinion of most sexologists is that as long as oral sex is not completely replaced by normal sex, it is normal.

The author of the comprehensive psychiatry textbook in the United States made it clear that as long as it happened between the spouse, the sexual behavior that both parties can accept is normal sexual behavior.

As far as the physical structure is concerned, oral sex is the sex that is closest or in some aspects even more than sexual intercourse.

The oral mucosa is soft and smooth, because it contains a large number of tactile nerve cells, it feels rich, the tongue is soft and flexible, but also has a sense of taste, and the oral muscles are strong. These can not only have a strong and pleasant stimulating effect on the penis, but also have obvious effects on women.Sexual excitement and pleasure.

Due to the flexible changes of adolescents, different positions can be caused by oral sex.

Oral sex without ejaculation is a good foreplay to stimulate sexual excitement. Some women have strong sexual desire during menstruation. Some men still want to have sex during menstruation. Oral sex is the best alternative. There is inflammation or no vagina in the vagina.Oral sex is also a good choice for non-safe periods of contraception.

Many people just use oral sex as a sexual intercourse, and finally end their sexual life with vaginal sex, or occasionally try the fresh fun of oral ejaculation, which is relatively easy to accept.

The existence of hygiene is a concern for many people. From a medical point of view, as long as the spouses do not have genital diseases, and they are cleaned before sex, there is no unsanitary problem. Just because the penis urinates, it is easy to think of health problems.
Therefore, oral sex must be based on the voluntary principle of both spouses. As the saying goes, strong twisted melons are not sweet, and you cannot force any party to accept oral sex. This will be self-defeating and even affect ordinary sexual intercourse.