[Encyclopedia of Green Vegetable Buns]_Production_Home Practice

[Encyclopedia of Green Vegetable Buns]_Production_Home Practice

This method of vegetable buns is relatively simple. The key is that we must learn the process of mixing noodles, then adjust the vegetable stuffing, and finally steam the vegetable stuffing in the dough to make the vegetable buns.

There are many types of green buns. We can choose the greens we like and chop them into stuffing. Generally, the green stuffed meat is more delicious.a bit.

400g of flour powder in dough material, 5g of dry yeast, 5g of baking powder (optional), 5g of white sugar, 250g of warm water, about 1000g of stuffing vegetables (small rape), 10g of shiitake, 8g of sugar, 70cc of oil, 10cc of sesame oil, pepper and other materials you need to increase or decrease according to your needs.

For the filling, I use small rape and shiitake mushrooms. The filling with small rape is very delicious. You can also try it?
Important: Chinese style pasta, steamed buns, bean buns, etc. ca n’t be used with flour that is too strong. Can the flour noodles you use for bread be used instead of buns?
In addition, the baking powder and sugar in the material can also be added. The baking powder mainly plays the role of foaming, that is, more bubbles appear in the pasta.

(There are two types of baking powder, one of which is double-effect baking powder. The double-effect baking powder does not contain employees, so you do not need to worry about aluminum exceeding the standard.

If you are worried, you don’t need to add it, and you can make a good dough.

) Baking flour with baking powder on cold days, adding some sugar can shorten the fermentation time, and its effect is also good.

Inset method 1, wash the vegetables, add hot water to the boil, then immediately cool.

Important point: When the oil is hot, add a few drops of oil to the pot and add an appropriate amount of salt. This will lock the nutrition and color?
Do not blanch the vegetables for too long, you can take them out after a while of hot water, because they will be steamed for a while.
We want to guarantee its crispy texture.

2. Mince the chopped greens and squeeze out the water.

Important: Do not squeeze the water in the vegetables too dry, it will also affect the taste!

3. The shiitake mushrooms are cut into pieces after washing. The shiitake mushrooms do not need to be simmered. Mix the greens with the shiitake mushrooms, add salt, sugar, oil, sesame oil, pepper and mix well to prepare a filling.

Important: do n’t worry about adding the seasoning, season the filling before packing to prevent the filling from escaping?
Bun method 1, take out the dough, knead into long strips, fillers, roll into a thick middle, thin round crust, wrap the filling, right thumb, forefinger pinch the edge of the noodles to fold until it closes slightly, The folds face up to form a green body.

2. Leave the steamed buns for 10-15 minutes, which is called wake noodles, and then steam.

3, add cold water to the steamer, soak the gauze and put it on the steamer, put the buns, pay attention to the spacing when placing them, the steamed buns will expand again, the water will boil, and you will see hot air coming upTransfer to medium heat and steam for 5-6 minutes, because we are making vegetarian buns, the buns are not large, and the quantity is not large. If you steam the meat, the quantity is large, it will be extended.Steaming time.

Important point: Be sure to use a cold water pot. The temperature of the cold water pot will rise slowly, it will be heated evenly, it will be easy to be steamed, and it will supplement the lack of dough fermentation.

Do not steam the stuffing for too long, as it will affect the taste?
Wet the gauze and put it on the steamer to prevent the bun from sticking to the gauze.

4. Don’t rush to open the lid after steaming, it will easily shrink and wrinkle. After steaming, let it stand for 5 minutes and then open the lid to see the fat and fat product.