[Can milk powder turn yellow?]_Can it be eaten? _Can it be eaten?

[Can milk powder turn yellow?]_Can it be eaten? _Can it be eaten?

There are certain restrictions on what lactating babies eat. Generally, they can only drink milk powder, because sometimes when milk is not available, they can only drink milk made by milk powder, but milk powder oftenMany problems have arisen, including the fact that the milk powder turns yellow. The milk powder turns yellow is a kind of milk powder deterioration. Can the milk powder turn yellow and still be eaten?

It is best not to eat it. Milk powder is very nutritious. Yellowing breeds a lot of bacteria. Milk powder is dry and does not have odor, but bacteria will secrete a lot of toxins and harm the body.

The color of milk powder is firstly related to the milk source, that is, to the color of the milk produced by the cow.

Milk is slightly yellow due to the small amount of yellow riboflavin, lutein and carotene.

These substances mainly come from forages eaten by cows. For example, when cows eat forages with a high content of carotene, carotene is transferred to milk through the blood, causing the milk color to become yellowish.

Generally speaking, fresh forage carrots are higher than dry forages.

Therefore, fresh-grass-fed cows will produce yellower and more fragrant milk; hay-fed cows will produce whiter milk and a slightly lighter taste.

Can be redeemed for current use.

Reconstitute the milk only once, and replace it immediately after reconstitution. It should not be left unused for a long time.

Do not heat the milk in a microwave oven to avoid scalding the baby’s mouth with locally overheated milk.

In addition, when preparing milk powder, your hands should be dry to avoid bringing water droplets into the milk powder. This can ensure that the milk powder storage time is shortened.

Because the refrigerator is a small environment with closed and sharp low temperature, there are temperature differences and humidity changes inside and outside, and milk powder is extremely easy to absorb moisture.

When stored in the refrigerator for a long time, it is extremely susceptible to moisture, agglomeration, and deterioration, which affects the conversion effect.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep it tightly sealed after opening, and store it in a ventilated, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Packed in iron cans, and tightly closed the cans after each take.

You can try to buckle it in reverse so that the milk powder seals the lid and can be stored continuously.

After the bag is opened, it must be stored at room temperature with a seal.

In order to facilitate the storage and retrieval of milk powder, after opening the bag, it is best to store it in a clean milk powder tank. Before using the milk powder tank, wipe it with a clean, dry cotton towel and do not wash it with water.