[Qingzhou Ancient City Snacks]_Types_Classification

[Qingzhou Ancient City Snacks]_Types_Classification

Our deepest memory of the city is actually food.

China has a vast territory, so each place has its own characteristics.

The ancient city of Qingzhou is a city with a history of more than 7,000 years, so the development of food culture is extremely rich.

When many people come to the ancient city of Qingzhou, in addition to watching historical monuments, food is also essential for everyone’s temptation.

Honey three knives: Refined with sugar, refined flour, peanut oil, sesame and other raw materials, the color is bright, crystal clear, and the whole body shines with the agate’s general luster.

Take a bite and touch the taste buds directly. The sweetness of the honey juice is refreshing, and there is an unbroken sugar thread around the mouth, which makes people have an endless aftertaste.

Peach crisp: golden color, crunchy and refreshing, melts at the mouth, full of sesame fragrance.

Use boiling water to make a paste without clearing it.

The ingredients are granulated sugar, refined flour, fresh eggs, peanut oil, etc., coupled with a unique production process, so peach crisp has a long shelf life, but is as crisp as primary.

Cake: full shape, flat, at first glance, it seems no different from European-style cakes on the market, but after careful study, I found that it has a more mellow traditional pastry taste, more pure, more retro,Specially return to true.

It is unique in that it uses traditional craftsmanship and uses only white sugar, refined flour, fresh eggs, and peanut oil as raw materials.Some aroma.

Mung bean cake: standard and neat shape, light yellow color, fine and smooth organization, compact taste, soft and fragrant, mellow, fragrant, non-sticky teeth.

Refined with mung bean flour, caster sugar, sesame oil, etc.

Bird’s nest crisp: Appears like bird’s nest, crystal clear, fragrant and refreshing, with the flavor of red bean paste.

The ingredients are caster sugar, refined flour, peanut oil and red bean paste.

Melaleuca: crispy layers, crispy outside, tender and clear, fragrant and refreshing, non-sticky, melted at the entrance.

Ingredients are caster sugar, refined flour, peanut oil, caramel, etc.

Shoutao: It is also called moon cake. The outer skin is crisp and loose, with clear and uniform layers. The skin is as thin as paper, the filling is full, the fragrance is refreshing, and it is full of aftertaste.