[How to make San Xian bean skin?

Detailed steps are here!

]_ Practice Daquan _ home practice

[How to make San Xian bean skin?
Detailed steps are here!
]_ Practice Daquan _ home practice

People who have been to Wuhan, Hubei should have eaten the dish of San Xiandou, which is very popular in the local area, and even has become a very traditional snack in the local folk. This kind of bean skin is added with fresh meat, fresh eggs and fresh shrimp.So, the so-called Sanxian beancurd, a long time ago, local people in Wuhan would make Sanxian beancurd to eat during the Chinese New Year, resulting in an improvement in people’s living standards, and healthy and delicious snacks have become a dailyEarlier, while enjoying the deliciousness, it can also supplement protein, riboflavin, flakes and a variety of mineral elements to provide valuable nutrition for the body, so the process of making San Xian bean skin is described in detail below.

The practice of Sanxian bean skin:[raw materials]: peeled pork (slim seven fat gas) 350 grams, 25 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 200 grams of fresh shrimps, 100 grams of water magnolia slices, 75 grams of pork roast, 175 grams of cooked lard, 100g net pork heart, 10g cooking wine, 100g net pork noodles, 4 eggs, 100g net pork belly, 35g salt, 700g glutinous rice, 5g MSG, 200g rice, 50g soy sauce, 100g mung bean.
[Methods]: 1.

Grind the mung beans in water for 4 hours, remove the shells, wash the rice, and soak in the water for 6 hours. Mix with the mung beans and grind them into a slurry (20% for mung beans and 40% for rice).


Wash the pork and cut into about 6.

5 cm wide and 3.

3 cm thick pieces of meat.

Put pork belly, pork heart, pork mouth into the pot, add water to immerse, cook for about 1 hour on high fire, add pork and cook together, add soy sauce, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, 500 grams of water braised and wait for cookingFlavour, remove to cool, and cut into diced peas with char-grilled meat.

Cut the shiitake mushrooms and magnolia slices into small dices, cook them in a boiling water pot for 10 minutes, and remove them to dry.

Wash the fresh shrimp.


Set the wok on the high heat, heat the cooked lard, add the magnolia slices and stir-fry for 5 minutes, add the mushrooms and stir-fry for a few times, pour the boiled meat marinade for 10 minutes, and then dice the pork and fresh shrimp, Diced pork, diced pork heart, diced belly, roast pork diced, and cook for 10 minutes. After the ingredients in the pan are cooked and tasted, the marinade is gradually dried and the pan is filled into a filling.


Wash the glutinous rice, soak it in clear water for 8 hours, remove the drained water, and steam it in a basket with boiling water.

Take it out slightly, put it on the medium heat and add cooked lard, refined salt, warm water and stir well. When the glutinous rice is tasted and scattered, keep it in the pot and keep it warm.


Set the pot on the fire, brush the pot with a small amount of oil and water. When the pot is burnt until it is red, pour the mung bean rice milk into the pot, and quickly use the mussel shell to bake the pot side up and around to form a round bean skin.Beat 4 eggs, spread them in the same way, cover the lid, reduce the heat, and bake for 1 minute.


Use a small iron spatula to loosen around the cooked skin. Turn the bean skin over with both hands. Spread the salt evenly. Spread the cooked glutinous rice on the skin. Spread the fried meat and green onion.The corners around the bean skin are neatly folded, the rice and meat are chopped, and the cooked lard is poured along the edge of the bean skin, cut into small pieces while frying, quickly turned, and then poured into the cooked lard.Ready to serve.