[How to save bracken until the second half of the year]_How to save_How to store

[How to save bracken until the second half of the year]_How to save_How to store

Bracken is a wild vegetable that grows in the northeast, so for all of us, it is rare to eat bracken.

In spring, bracken grows very well.

At that time, many friends would choose to eat bracken, but if they do n’t finish bracken, they will soon be damaged. How can bracken be saved in the second half of the year, so we need to know the freshness.

How to save bracken fern can save the nutritional value, without wasting vegetables.

Fern leaves Hanhu medicinal value[2], potassium, calcium, magnesium, prime fern, ferns, fern acetyl Su, choline, sterol.

Bracken fern concentrate further contains 18 amino acids and the like.

Modern studies suggest that the cellulose bracken can promote interaction motility and reduce the role of the gastrointestinal absorption of feces.

Bracken sweet and cold, there are detoxification medicine, heat, intestines, phlegm and other effects, regular consumption can lower blood pressure, relieve dizziness and insomnia.

Bracken diarrhea may also diuretic, which contains supplemental fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility, the gas having a laxative, bowel detoxification effect can be treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, diarrhea, coughing up blood and other diseases.

It may cause measles, influenza prevention.

Bracken is the only kind of cancer-causing ability of edible plants now found in the retina.

Its carcinogenicity to break many people’s fantasies – “natural foods safer to overcome nutrition.”

Evolution of animals plants in order to adapt to the environment in order to survive, to become human “quality food” seems inconsistent with the evolution of their direction.

The plant can not run can not jump, face animal, bacterial or fungal attacks, they can only vulnerable to attack.

To survive, many plants have evolved a number of “defensive substance” – in face of the invasion, has some ability to fight back, the original fern glycoside is one of them.

Although the “Bracken carcinogenic” There is clear scientific evidence, but the “cancer” means “increase the risk of cancer,” not “eat will get cancer.”

The so-called “increased risk” refers to the increased likelihood of illness.

“Empirical evidence” means that the “increased risk” thing is certain, but it is not the same as “how much risk is added”.

As for the carcinogenicity of bracken, according to the results of epidemiological surveys in Japan in the 1970s, regular eating bracken increased the risk of esophageal cancer in men2.

1x, and 3 for females.

7 times.

As far as the increase is concerned, it is indeed very large, but considering that the normal risk of esophageal cancer is not high, it is still a relatively small chance to increase by two or three times.

And this is the area where the bracken is often eaten for a long time, there will be the presence of protogenin in the local drinking water.

The magnitude of the risk is related to the amount of absorption. If you really like its taste and occasionally eat a little to try it, the risk brought by it is so small that it can be ignored.