[How to save the flooded salted duck eggs]_How to save_Save method

[How to save the flooded salted duck eggs]_How to save_Save method

In daily life, salted duck eggs are a relatively common ingredient in our diet. Salted duck eggs have a better taste, rich nutritional value, and a simple method of preparation. However, salted duck eggs that are usually marinated need to be preserved to maintain a fresh tasteThere are many ways to save. You can put the salted duck eggs in the refrigerator to refrigerate them. The taste is better.

How to preserve salted duck eggs?

1. If it is hot in summer, you can put it in the freezer. Be careful not to freeze it. The frozen duck eggs are not delicious.

Usually placed in the upper refrigerator compartment.

2. If it is cold in winter, you can put the cooked duck eggs in a dry and ventilated place.

Be careful not to place it in the sun, it is best to choose a cool place.

Such as the top of the kitchen cabinet, below the stairs, and so on.

3. For salted eggs marinated with hay, it should not be in the pickled pots for a long time before cooking. Take out the raw salted eggs, cook them and dry them, and then put them back into the brine.It can ensure that cooked salted eggs will not be deteriorated for a long time, and it will not make the duck eggs more salty.

4. If the salted eggs are marinated in mud, keep the mud skin moist. Moisten the duck eggs regularly with a damp cloth and put them in a cool place.

5. The cooked duck eggs can be vacuum processed to ensure that the duck eggs are kept for a long time.

This requires special equipment. If there are more duck eggs, you can go to a nearby processing plant for vacuum treatment.

How to preserve salted duck eggs?

6. Pickled salted eggs can be sealed in a bag, so that the top surface of the salted duck eggs can be stored for a long time without water loss.

7, when the salted duck eggs are salted just right, you can remove the duck eggs and cook them together, then let them cool down before returning them to the original salt water.

When you want to eat, you can take it out and wash it, which is very convenient.