[Treatment of gout by apple cider vinegar]_Effect_Efficacy

[Treatment of gout by apple cider vinegar]_Effect_Efficacy

As soon as a person reaches old age, there will be many diseases in the body, and gout is one of them. When the disease occurs, the joints will become swollen and red. This disease is very difficult to treat.

Apple cider vinegar is a health food that has no medicinal effect. It can remove oil from the body and make digestion better. If you want to treat gout, you must go to a special hospital and choose a suitable medicine instead.

Apple cider vinegar has no clear curative effect on gout.

It is recommended that patients with gout pay attention to low-purity diets, and should eat as little as possible high-protein and high-purine foods such as seafood, fish, animal offal, and thick soup.

In addition, pay attention to drink plenty of water and insist on exercise in your life. Generally, the adjustment of diet and exercise can effectively control the blood uric acid level.

If necessary, medications should be performed under the guidance of a specialist to control uric acid levels.

First, benefit 1, prevent hypertension.

Apple cider vinegar is fermented from ground apples.

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar has the effects of softening blood vessels, increasing blood vessel elasticity and lowering blood pressure, and can effectively prevent hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2, good calcium absorption, physical fitness.

The vitamins and amino acids in apple cider vinegar interact with the calcium in the human body and can promote the body’s absorption of calcium.

3. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

The rich vitamin C contained in apple cider vinegar has a powerful antioxidant effect, can prevent cell canceration and cell aging, and increase the body’s resistance.

2. Disadvantages 1. Apple acetic acid is too high. Eating pure apple cider vinegar may damage the enamel and throat tissue of the teeth.

2. Drinking apple cider vinegar for a long time will reduce the amount of potassium and bone density. For those who lack potassium and have osteoporosis, they should be consumed appropriately.

Precautions for edible apple cider vinegar: 1. Add moderately and appropriately, the stock solution should not exceed 20 ml per day, and control the water to 200-250 ml.

2. Do not drink on an empty stomach. It is best to dilute with plain water or fruit juice before drinking, otherwise it will cause some damage to the stomach.

3, apple cider vinegar has a stimulating effect on the stomach. People with too much acid in the stomach for a long time will produce acid discomfort, heartburn, and heartburn.