[How to make fresh matsutake]_ practice _ practice Daquan

[How to make fresh matsutake]_ practice _ practice Daquan

Matsutake is a kind of seed produced in Baihua Mountain. It belongs to a type of plant, but the edible value and medicinal value quoted from other plants are high. If you want to nourish the body, fresh matsutake is a good choiceFresh matsutake carbonizes many mineral and trace elements.

Boil soup with chicken, pork and other foods. It is very delicious and nutritious. Let me explain to you how to make fresh matsutake.

1. Chicken soup with local mushrooms, one chicken with 100 grams of ginger, two slices of pepper, 10 grains of wine, pepper, and shallots. Clean the chicken first, chop them into pieces, then put them in a boiling water pot and boil the water.The blood and water in the chicken should be cleaned and used.

Second, clean the fresh matsutake before using.

Heat the pan, add lard, and stir-fry the chicken pieces until the skin of the chicken pieces turns yellow. Add water, ginger, cooking wine, pepper, green onion, and pepper. About 10 grains will be boiled after the fire,Add matsutake, stew to low heat until simmered, season with a small amount of salt, and eat.

Rough processing of matsutake: fresh products: first clean the mud and other fresh products, remove the inedible parts with a knife, you can change the knife if necessary, and then rinse with water to cook, cook, roast, etc.

Frozen products: Before cooking, there are two processing methods: 1.

Natural thawing method, that is, put it in a drain basket to let it thaw at normal temperature, and then use boiling water to simmer it before cooking.


Quickly thaw in boiling water for about two minutes.

After thawing, you can change the knife according to your needs. After rinsing, cook in a wok or cook.

Dried product: Soak in warm water at 40 ℃ for about 20 minutes before cooking or soup, then soften it, and then process it to make a delicious dish.


Recommended refractive index of Matsutake: Stew category: 1.

Matsutake clear soup: Stew Matsutake with pure water for 15 minutes, add a little refined salt, and serve.

Fragrant and refreshing.

Only 20g of fresh matsutake per person is required.

(It can also be stewed in broth, or stewed with Cordyceps, Bamboo Rush, Morchella, etc., but without MSG and other spices)

Matsutake stewed chicken: Stew about 100g of washed fresh matsutake with the washed chicken. Only add the salt and MSG until it is cooked.

(Also stewed with ribs, pigeons, etc.) Grade: 1.

Butter Matsutake: After washing the fresh matsutake, slice it and fry it in the heated butter.

After the matsutake is fully fragrant, add salt to eat.

(If possible, you can also use the oven and wrap with buttered matsutake in tin foil) 2.

Matsutake steamed eggs: After adding eggs to some water to make a paste, the basket is steamed to six maturity. Add the sliced matsutake and continue to steam until the eggs are cooked.


Roasted matsutake: Wash and drain the fresh matsutake and grill it on a charcoal grill. When roasted until the fragrance is tangy, sandwich it into a small dish prepared with soy sauce and salt.


Tempura: Put 1/4 sliced chopped matsutake in a paste made of eggs, flour, and salt, stir and fry until golden.