[Can papaya be eaten in the third trimester?]

[Can papaya be eaten in the third trimester?]

During pregnancy, the taste of pregnant women becomes very strange, so some very strange requirements are also made. During pregnancy, it is a difficult test for pregnant women, but also a test for those around them.

There are a lot of diets that need to be noticed during pregnancy. Cold foods such as seafood papaya are not recommended for pregnant women, especially papaya contains estrogen, which is an external body for pregnant women who are already in the parasite.stimulate.
1, papaya is cold, so the stomach is cold, those who are physically weak should not eat more, otherwise it is easy to have diarrhea or cold.

Pregnant women should not eat cold food.

2. Papaya contains female hormones, which are likely to interfere with hormonal changes in pregnant women, especially green papaya. Pregnant women should be completely quit, because it is not only harmful to the stability of the oxides, but also may cause miscarriage.

3. Papaya contained in papaya has the effect of increasing uterine contraction, so in order to prevent unintended miscarriage or premature delivery, pregnant women are best not to eat papaya.Glucoside.

4. In Southeast Asian countries, local residents will eat papaya for contraception. It turns out that papaya seeds contain papain, which will interact with progesterone to reach the effect of contraception. It can be seen that papaya is not good for consumption.

Eat in the third trimester: 1, foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vegetables: radishes, winter melon, celery, lettuce.

2. Foods that help relieve edema in pregnant women, such as radish, winter melon and other foods.

3. Foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios and other nuts.

4, protein-rich foods, such as catfish, carp, chicken, fish and other meat.

5, calcium carbonate and iron foods, such as milk, shrimp skin, kelp, sesame sauce, soy products and other foods high in calcium, animal blood, animal liver, egg yolk, kelp, laver, fungus, spinach and other foods contain iron earlierhigh.

In late pregnancy, you can eat more foods rich in collagen, such as trotters, which can help increase skin elasticity. Eat more foods such as carp, carp, radish, and winter melon to ease the symptoms of edema. Eat more walnuts, sesame, and peanuts.Foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids, as well as chicken, fish and other foods that are easy to digest and absorb, and are rich in protein. They can replace celery and lettuce and other foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and you can often eat some vitamin foods, such as kelp.And squid.

Pay attention to the prenatal diet in the third trimester.

Food supplementation is very important before giving birth. Because childbirth is a heavy physical labor, during this period the mother must have sufficient energy supply to have good uterine contractility, and the child can only be implanted after the cervix is fully opened.