[Cold beef tendon noodles]_ beef tendon noodles _ how to cool _ how to cold

[Cold beef tendon noodles]_ beef tendon noodles _ how to cool _ how to cold

The cold beef tendon noodles must pay attention to certain skills, because if you don’t pay attention to understand some correct methods and skills, then the advantages and texture of beef tendon noodles cannot be reflected, and the following is a delicious cold beef tendon noodles practice, everyone can try togetherProduction.

First, chili oil, sesame sauce, vinegar and other seasonings can be mixed according to personal taste.

This eating method fully reflects the advantages of beef tendon noodles, and the taste is very good.

Second, fried noodles 1: prepare beef tendon noodles, wash mushrooms and parsley and cut them for later use, and chopped shallots for future use.

2: Put a small amount of cooking oil in the pot.

3: Add mushrooms and stir fry 4: Add an appropriate amount of water and add broth.

My broth is frozen stick-bone soup. I cut it out and put it in the freezer while cooking the stick-bone.

5: Continue cooking, boil the broth, add the appropriate amount of edible salt 6: add beef tendon noodles, cook just a bit, add coriander and chicken essence, and bring out the pot.

Third, as a side dish, it can be paired with a variety of meat dishes (fish, beef, mutton, chicken, etc.), which has a good gourmet effect.

If it is served in soup, it is better to have mutton soup, which has a unique flavor!