[Beef stewed sauerkraut]_ stew method _ how to make

[Beef stewed sauerkraut]_ stew method _ how to make

Sauerkraut is a home-cooked dish in the Northeast. Every winter, every family buys fresh Chinese cabbage and pickled sauerkraut. Although Chinese cabbage is very fresh, there is no need to pickle it. But in winter, many people in the NortheastThey are all large cabbages. They can easily break if they are too much, and they will become stale over time, so eating sauerkraut becomes a hobby for every household. How do beef stewed sauerkraut?

Ingredients: Beef tenderloin 400g Supplements: Kimchi 40g Seasoning: Starch (corn) 25g Pepper 3g Vinegar 6g Balm 3g Salt 3g MSG 3g Cooking wine 10g Shrimp oil 18g Ginger 18g Green onion 251 g of ginger juice, 12 g of green onion juice, and 20 g of each amount.

Wash the beef tenderloin, remove any gluten and chop into pieces; 2.

2. Wash pickled greens (kimchi), cut into pieces; 3.

Take a small pot, put beef tenderloin, and marinate it with ginger, spring onion, water, cooking wine for 15 minutes; 4.

Cut the ginger and shallots into sections; 5.

5. Put the wok on the hot fire, add chicken soup, ginger slices, scallion white segments, boil the cooking wine, skim the floating foam; 6.

Take a spoon and stir 750 grams of broth, slowly pour beef tenderloin pieces, and simmer over low heat until the beef pieces are cooked; 7.

Add pepper, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, shrimp oil, pickled sauerkraut, stew to taste, moisten starch and thicken, gently push into vinegar, sesame oil, and serve in bowl.

Recipe Nutrition Beef Tenderloin: Beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition is closer to human needs than pork, it can improve the body’s resistance to disease, and it is especially useful for growth and development, complications, and recuperation after illness.Appropriate, beef can warm the stomach in cold winter, it is the best product of tonic in this season. Beef has tonic and qi, nourishes the spleen and stomach, strengthens bones and bones, relieves phlegm and breathes wind, quenches thirst and stops mouth.Deficiency, weak muscles, prolonged anemia and dizziness.

Recipes: Beef Tenderloin: Beef should not be eaten with chestnut, field snail, brown sugar, leek, white wine, pork.