[Winter bamboo shoot chicken stew]_ bamboo shoot chicken _ stew method _ how to stew

[Winter bamboo shoot chicken stew]_ bamboo shoot chicken _ stew method _ how to stew

This method of stewing chicken with winter bamboo shoots is very simple. We prepare the winter bamboo shoots, then remove the bamboo shoots, then take out the bamboo shoots and cut into pieces. After the chicken is cut into pieces, the two ingredients can be marinated for 8 minutes.It can be put into the pot for stewing soup. When cooking the soup, you can add cooking wine to remove the fishy smell, and pay attention to the time of stewing chicken and using slow fire stew. We will follow the content of the article to make it.

Ingredients needed: spring bamboo shoots 4?
5 roots, 1 whole black-bone chicken, sliced pork hind leg, small Pleurotus eryngii, 5 dried shiitake mushrooms, seasoning: 5 red dates, 2 fragrant leaves, 8 wolfberries, 6 peppercorns, 4 gingerSlices, 2 small segments of shallots.

Production method 1: Wash the chicken and hind leg meat thoroughly, put any cooking wine in boiling water, and wash it after boiling out the foam; soak the mushrooms in warm water.

2. Bamboo shoots first pull a mark with a knife, and then peel off the shell. At the joints of the roots of the bamboo shoot, you can use a knife to remove some hard knots, which is relatively old.

3, Pleurotus eryngii and spring bamboo shoots are cut vertically and cut back.

4. Put all the ingredients in a deep saucepan (or casserole), add enough cold water, and simmer for about 2 hours on low heat until the chicken is rotten and add salt.

Note 1: The cooking wine is added when the chicken is hot, it is to remove the fishy smell, so you don’t need to put it when you stew.

2. Mushrooms can be added to increase the delicious taste.

3, put the meat back to achieve a delicious effect, previously used Jinhua ham, but now dared not buy ham, and when marinating, see the seasoning instructions have nitrite in it, so put fresh porkWell, the effect is the same.